Organic Flower Gardening – Are Organic Flowers More Beautiful?

We all know about the many benefits of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are healthier for us and do not contain potentially harmful chemicals. But what about organic flowers? Does growing flowers in an organic manner benefit them as well. Are organic flowers more beautiful? There are several factors which would indicate that they can be.

In some ways, growing flowers organically may produce more beautiful flowers. Optimal soil quality is a key aspect in organic gardens. In general, a better quality of soil will produce better flowers. The flowers will be better in terms of beauty and health.

Another factor to consider is that organic gardeners attempt to provide an environment as close to nature as possible. It is a well-known fact that the flowers found in Nature tend to be much prettier than those grown in gardens. By staying close to nature’s design, organic flower gardeners increase the potential for their flowers to be considered more beautiful than traditionally grown ones.

Since chemicals are not used in the growth of organic flowers, there is no potential for them to stunt the flower’s growth or alter its appearance. This can result in more beautiful flowers. Typically, an organic garden consists of plants native to the area or adapted to be grown in that specific area. By suiting the plant, a flower in this case, to the area, you will generally have more optimal results.

A key point in organic gardening is close attention to plants. This helps ensure the plant receives optimal nutrition, sunlight and watering. It can also ensure pests have little to no opportunity to damage plants. The combination can result in more beautiful flowers simply because the plant has been given the best of everything available.

As with other organic items, shipping is usually limited to the local area. Because organic flowers spend less time in transit and arrive at their destination faster, they are generally viewed at their peak. Traditionally grown flowers may be shipped to far destinations and rarely get seen at their peak. This difference in time between being picked and being viewed can play a large role in how beautiful they are considered to be.

Not everyone looks at beauty the same way. Some people may look at a traditionally grown flower and find it ugly because chemical pesticides and fertilizers were used to grow it. Others look simply at the flower without considering how it was grown.

It is important to keep in mind that a skilled gardener can generally produce good results in whatever they are growing. This is regardless of whether they are an organic or traditional gardener. If you provide your flowers with the best growing environment possible, you will most likely end up with beautiful flowers.

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