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How Much Fish Oil Should I Take to Improve My Chances of Maintaining Heart and Brain Health?

As you probably already know, the healthy fats present in fish oil play a big part in reducing inflammation linked to heart disease.

But, apart from being beneficial for the health of your body, they also can keep your brain in optimum condition.

A very important question that you might ask is – how much fish oil should I take each day to do this?

Of course, like everything in life, there is no single definitive answer.

The main factor is the age of the person asking the question. This is simply because young children need more essential fatty acids as they grow to assist in their brain development.

Those of you who are now retired and less active should take more because their bodies are not as efficient as those of young adults and their organs cannot work as well as they used to.

As well as helping their cardiovascular systems, these essential fatty acids also help to maintain their mental faculties.

Having shown that there is no easy answer to the question of how much fish oil should I take that you have asked, many medical organisations differ in their recommended amounts.

For example, the American Heart Association recommend between 650mg and 1000mg each day. Others, such as the World Health Organisation, only quote between 300mg and 500mg each day.

One of the main concerns to help you to keep your mental faculties throughout your life is to keep an eye on the amounts of omega-3 compared to those of omega-6 and omega-9 in your diets. The optimum ration of omega-6 to omega-3 is about 2 to 1.

Unfortunately, in countries like the USA that has increased in modern times by a factor of about 10. 

This is mainly due to the amount found in the primary oil added to most processed foods.

Clinical trials have found that the fatty acids of EPA and DHA inhibit high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Since our bodies are not able to produce these essential fatty acids, and you now know the answer to the question about how much oil should I take, you may wonder about the best way for obtaining your daily intake.

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